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Chatura and Kash: Summer Loving

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Many enjoy a good summer romance and for these two, that's where it all began. Chatura was only twenty-one when she met the twenty-four-year-old Kash back in 2012. The pair met through mutual friends and the connection formed from there.

However, not everything is sunny like a summer's day. Just as any couple would, these two naturally have their irks with one another. In Chatura's case, she considers herself a logical person, but not nearly as logically as her now-husband, who she claims is far too focused on the little things. In reverse, Kash gets equally annoyed by the fact that Chatura isn't an entirely logical person like him. According to Kash, Chatura has a tendency to act impulsively—jumping right in without a second or third thought.

Some couples are similar and others are a case of, "opposites attract." Well with their polar opposite answers to some of these questions, it's fun to see where some of those differences fall between the two.

On the matter of T.V., Kash loves Game of Thrones. His favorite character is Jon Snow. Meanwhile on the other hand, Chatura is a Gossip Girl fan who enjoys watching the lead—Blair, deal with all the drama of the show.

When it comes to magic, their two imaginations fly out taking two direct stances For example, if a wizard came to confirm one truth about the future. Chatura, being a romantic, said she wishes a wizard would come to confirm that everyone has one true soulmate. For Kash's answer, he just hopes the wizard would confirm that the Atlanta Braves will win the in the world series.

To no surprise because of her previous response about the wizard, it was of course Chatura, who said the big three words, "I love you," first. She admitted that she didn't mind saying ti first because once she accepted it for herself, she wait to express the feelings.

What draws her to Kash is his openness to try everything at least once. For him, Kash's favorite characteristic of Chatura is that she is willing to be spontaneous and take chances.


There is one unique habit they share in common that both cute and rather hilarious at the same time. They jointly partake in capturing photos of the other falling asleep. Their sneaky, silly-ritual is something they'll be able to laugh over years down the line as they look back on all the photos they've captured during those moments.

Over time couples either fall apart or start hearing wedding bells. When the time of a proposal was in the air. Chatura knew Kash had been planning to propose, but she had no idea when exactly the day would come, even though she suspected it would be in the near future. Chature remembers it happening on September 15, 2017. Kash had told the families ahead of time that he finally had plans to tie the knot and her her to be his, and him hers, for the rest of their lives.

For Kash and Chatura, the happy pair were lucky enough to celebrate their magical moment more than once—both in India and here in the United States. For their wedding, Chatura's favorite element was the fact that as they were planning out the big day, they managed to figure out a way to combine traditional Indian styles with modern wedding concepts found in America. Kash was happy they were capable of incorporating their family and friends into all of the performances.

For the theme of their wedding, they decided to tailor the event around the 1920s era. Chatura had envisioned modeling their wedding after themes and styles found in the story The Great Gatsby. It's her favorite book so it was important for her to bring together her two worlds, but to also add some charm from a time period she favors.

While planning a wedding it's only natural they ran into a problem here and there. What they found most challenging about their wedding was creating a balance between being culturally acceptable while at the same time being careful not to lose sight of what they found uniquely important for them as a couple.

In any relationship, there are beautiful moments and difficult times. When speaking about comprises the couple admitted that so far the hardest one they've encountered was agreeing on where to live. While they were in complete agreement about the location as it was convenient for both their jobs, their styles clashed when actually choosing the right home to grow in and build their future.

In a year from now, Chatura and Kash have some goals for themselves as individuals, but some goals as a couple. One of their mutual aims as husband and wife, is to travel to new places at least twice over the next year.

With the love they have on their side, this couple will go on to make many grand memories.

Chatura & Kash 5.27.2018

DJ: DJ Lucky

Florist: Sherry Bayat from Dream Wedding

Caterer: Bollywood Bistro

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