• MK Mancuso

Raechel and Andrew: A Surprise Meeting

Five years ago, these two started off as strangers working in the same non-profit organization in Boston. Sitting a mere three feet from one another the pair would begin spending every working day together and meet-up on the weekends as friends.

However, during the coming of winter, a change in the air would take full-affect. Andrew and Raechel were both about to embark as staff on an international, educational trip for college students. The next ten days traveling abroad would change the course of their friendship and shared futures.

Arriving home in the United States ignited the beginning of their courtship and the two became inseparable. For them, the moments during the trip and onward have been like a never-ending dream.

It was three years ago that this lovely duo moved to the big capital. However recently, Washington D.C. is no longer just the place where they started living together, it's also the place where a promise for the future has bloomed.

Out on the lawn of the Jefferson Memorial in the heart of D.C. Raechel was setting up for a picnic more than ready to enjoy a comfy, autumn date. Moments later, to Raehcel's blissful surprise, she turned around and bared witness to Andrew kneeling behind her. Pledging his love and hoping she'd do him the honor of becoming his wife, Andrew waited for an answer.

A proposal with a yes at the end is a lovely thing in itself. However, what the world had planned for them would be a happy turn-of-events, making it all the more special.

Sam Koushan, founder and Creative Director of Maryland's very own Samshots Photo & Video would just be finishing up with an engagement session taking place at the Jefferson Memorial Monument.

Strolling along the grass making his way home, Sam came across the recently engaged couple. Their love and utter excitement drew in his attention. Once he found out they had just promised to wed, Sam knew this happy coincidence would be a missed opportunity if he didn't capture it for them.

As a gift, Sam took a few photos so they could savor the moment. Now, this story and the pictures will serve for them as a somewhat bizarre, yet beautiful memory they will be able to tell their family and friends.

Sam was thrilled to have met them how he did and that he was able to be a part of their lives even if only briefly. As a photographer, he knows the value in these special occasions and believes that every couple should be blessed with cherished photos.

To Raechel and Andrew. May you have a beautiful life together.

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