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Darya and Anoush: It Started with a Snapchat

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

In our modern culture, the steady trend of online romance has progressed. Between the development of dating apps and the advancement of social media, it's no wonder why a vast majority of individuals are taking advantage of this modern convenience with the hope of finding love in our busy society.

While this couple may not have met on an app, it was still a digital connection that first laid the pathway for their love story. Darya initially learned of Anoush back in 2014 when a friend sent her a snapchat of him. His humor ignited her interest, though unbeknownst to Darya at the time, their inevitable meeting would not be long off.

When a few months passed, it turned out that Anoush and Darya were both going to a mutual friend's restaurant opening. Darya recognized Anoush from the snapchat. The attraction began as she found herself thinking he was just as funny in person as he was on camera.

While getting to know one another and developing their friendship, neither of them tried to ask the other out. Although, this didn't stop them from spending a fair amount of their free time together. Not before long the two had become the best of friends.

Then, in 2015 as August arrived, Anoush was in the midst of traveling to California for a cousin's wedding. Coincidentally, with a university interview calling her name, Darya also had plans to head to the west coast. Darya likes to note that when Anoush is the one rehashing the story, he throws in that he believes she scheduled the interview during that time on purpose.

Getting to California, it was there that life as it were, would change. Their first night in, Anoush invited Darya to Javier's Newport Beach. They spent hours enjoying laughter and long talks. That evening was when the pair decided to make their relationship, "Facebook official."

Darya's recalls that the day of her interview, she received a delivery at the front desk. Down in the lobby, she was shocked to find roses, a note, and a teddy bear from Anoush to wish her luck. To this day, Darya admits that she still snuggles up with the teddy bear at night.

The relationship grew from there as they went on to relish in many wonderful dates. However, not all dates go as planned which the couple learned the night they attended a Kevin Hart show in D.C.

Post-show, they hit the lounge to grab a bite. Then, after losing track of time, misfortunate befell them. Leaving the building far later than anticipated, Darya and Anoush were met with the fact that they would not be returning in the same car they had arrived in. Staring at the iron gates, the two panicked, realizing that the closing time for the parking garage had passed. The situation made Anoush tense; due for a flight in a few hours, he knew he might not make it on time.

Eventually, they made it back to Anoush's house, but with Darya's purse and car keys were still stuck inside Anoush's car at the garage so she had no way of driving home. Anoush had to borrow his brother's car to drop her off.

When the next day arrived, Anoush left for the flight in fear as he knew Darya would have to return to the garage and drive his car—something Anoush had never let anyone do.

It didn't take long to understand why Anoush was on edge. Darya struggled with the jumpy car and it wasn't until she dropped it off at his place that she realized it had been in first gear for the whole drive.

The ordeal was frustrating and a little scary at the time, but it became a, "you will laugh about this one day," story for them that they will never forget.

Before they ever met, Darya focused most of her time and energy on maintaining a healthy balance between her social and work lives. Anoush, like Darya, was also concerned with growing as a person. Neither of them put much thought into pursuing anyone at that time in their lives. Nevertheless, it was during that point in life that Darya vowed to marry the next person she was dated. It was a promise she's happy she kept.

Finding Anoush was like finding the other pea in her pod. The two of them connected on deeper levels as they shared many interests and beliefs. Together, their bond would help one another develop both in their relationship and as individuals.

The two know that they can be spendthrifts at times, though Darya notes that she is a bit worse about her shopping habits. She is thankful for Anoush who keeps her in check so she doesn't overdo it. In return, Darya's laid back nature helps mellow out Anoush when he is stressed. As a partnership, they look after one another to prevent bad habits and encourage healthy practices.

Their hobbies include exploring the aisles of HomeGoods in search of new accessories for their home, testing out restaurants, and tennis. If they could experience a new activity together, they'd travel to lands they have yet to explore. With their mutual love for experiencing unfamiliar cultures, they believe that those opportunities will help them to become more, well-rounded individuals.

They dated for a year and four months before Anoush popped the big question. Darya recalls the memory well. She sensed that the time was drawing near because she and Anoush were never great at keeping secrets from each other, so she went and had her nails done just in case. However, what he had planned, took her by surprise.

It was 2016 on Christmas Eve when they decided to attend The Gaylord Hotel's annual winter ICE attraction. As the show was ending, Anoush suggested going to the top floor to lounge and relax.

While approaching the balcony from the escalator, Darya immediately noticed a swarm of taking photos of them. The crowd stepped aside, revealing golden balloons that spelled out, "Marry Me."

Stunned, all Darya could think was a repetitive, "yes," that rang like an echo in the back of her head. Tears overcame her while she and Anoush made their way to the middle of the balcony. Down on one knee, Anoush likely said such sweet words, but Darya admits that she was so overwhelmed with zealous that the words were a blur as she blacked out from the excitement. In the end, it was the crowd yelling, "Say Yes, Say Yes, " that reminded her she hadn't yet answer allowed.

The ring slipped onto Darya's finger as easily as the glass slipper fit Cinderella—it was meant to be. Then, another surprise turned the corner. Their families came in with gleaming smiles ready to congratulate the happy couple.

As the wedding day slowly neared, most would experience a steady slope into a panic mode. Between one detail and another, the pieces start to pile up. Even some of the strongest, most affectionate relationships can be tested during this stressful planning period. Darya, in contrast, had a very different experience. She and Anoush's decision making turned out to be a breeze, which Darya admits is likely thanks to her being put in charge.

The pair were engaged for one year and eleven months before saying, "I Do" on November 10th of 2018. However, just because they tied the knot, doesn't mean these love birds forgot about their personal goals. Over the past six years, Anoush has been dedicated to practicing law. Now, he is working towards becoming a partner at his firm. Meanwhile, Darya is striving to gain more experience so that she can eventually open up her own practice for occupational therapy.

As a person, Anoush feels that Darya has helped him in learning patience and understanding. For Darya, Anoush has encouraged her to accomplish minor goals in the present so she can prepare for her bigger goals along the road.

As husband and wife, their dream is to one day move back to sunny California and have two little ones running around, creating laughter throughout the halls of their home.

If they could offer one piece of lasting advice to those out there considering marriage or to anyone already engaged, it would be this...

"Take your time planning the wedding! If you're anything like us, use that time to be as particular as you want. To make sure that on the day of, you know you've done everything you could have for it to be perfect so you can enjoy yourself. Also, use that time to really get to know your significant other so there are no surprises once you've tied the knot. Marriage shouldn't change couples, except for experiencing a type of love that you didn't know existed."

Darya & Anoush 11. 10. 2018

Makeup artist/ Hair Stylist: Kristina , 646-416-1722

DJ: Hesam, 202-550-5233

Florist: Platinum wedding & decor, 703-200-1291

Caterer: Bellevue/Bamian, 703-820-7880


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