Jocelyn and Brian: Falling For You in Spring

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

In the spring of 2010, D.C. was starting to blossom and the meeting of two unsuspecting soul mates was about to take place at their mutual friend Kathleen's birthday party. As a spark formed, the pair had made plans to see each other the following day. Since that day in May, the two were inseparable.

Jocelyn wasn't sure when their feelings bloomed from a form of like to love, but she remembers the emotions growing rapidly—seeing something in one another that was meant to last. Despite the connection that was developing, neither let the words, "I love you," slip from their lips during the early-on moments. In the end, Jocelyn believes she was likely the first to say it aloud, even though it had been on both their minds for quite a while.

She recalls that the moment of their meeting acting as a miracle, because at the time her father was striving to beat cancer. Brian had stepped into her life at just the right moment, and was able to meet the man who raised the woman he was falling in love with and would one day marry.

Although the two were destined to meet, fall in love, and eventually marry, they remained as a couple for six beautiful years. Brian and Jocelyn enjoyed their slow and steady romance for all those years until Brian finally popped the big question on the 4th of July in 2016. Their engagement lasted 18 months before tying the knot on December 31st into the 2018 New Year.

Jocelyn and Brian are no doubt a stunning couple. However, every person grows into themselves from the things, or people that influence them. When asked who their roles models are, Jocelyn said her's are her sister and her mother because they inspire in her the image of what strong, independent women look like. For Brian, he pulls from his time at the Naval Academy and the Marine Corps. He made many life-long friends, and met some incredible mentors.

Being two different people, but also very similar at the same time, its only natural that as a couple not everything will be picturesque. Every relationship has it's quirks and sometimes those quirks are what cause us to be both in love with, and annoyed by our partners. What is ironic about this couple, is that their irks with one another are like an endless cycle. Jocelyn prefers having a tidy home to provide an organized space, whereas Brian doesn't mind a little mess pilling up. Thus, this causes Jocelyn to bug Brian, annoyed at his lack of observation to cleaning and keeping things neat. In return, Brian becomes agitated by the fact that Jocelyn lets the little messes get to her. Thankfully, the couple is strong and can recognize these traits in themselves and aim to improve how they manage these issues in order to better themselves and meet in the middle.

The couple had to put their team-mentality to the test with a hypothetical question in which they could either choose between a brand new home or an all-inclusive three month vacation anywhere in the world. However, whatever they choose had to be a mutual decision. While many would jump at the chance to enjoy a free three month vacation, the couple came to the conclusion that they would take the free house. They believed that answer might not be the fun one, but that it would be the best option in the long run. They saw it as a chance to save more money that could later be used for vacationing or planing for the future. Ideally for them, a home to share was better than any vacation.

...And in that home...

If Jocelyn could give any gift in the world to Brian, she said she would build him his very own wood-working shop, equip with tools and all types of woods. Jocelyn believes Brian deserves his own creative space to enjoy his hobbies, and she would like him to be able to have that one day. However, before the dream of a wood-work shop can come true, there must first be a wedding...

During wedding planning, the couple revealed the hardest experience they endured was Brian's stationing in Hawaii for five months prior to their wedding. Jocelyn had to up-hold all the decision making the couple—like most, would have preferred to spend time together deliberating on. Often, she had to ask herself, "what would he want?" while choosing between designs, cakes, patterns, and venue. With thanks to their many years together, Jocelyn was able to recall certain small details like Brian's love for carrot cake. Thus, during moments like food tasting, Jocelyn was able to keep Brian in mind, despite his absence. Ironically, and in their favor, the pastry chef who was hired onto the team, had a divinity for crafting carrot cakes.

Despite the troubles that the couple faced while planning their wedding from miles apart, she said that if they were to have another wedding down the line they would not change a thing, other than maybe make it last longer to enjoy it for as long as possible.

With parting words on this dedication to the love story of Jocelyn and Brian, they leave us with a few pieces of advice to any couples thinking about the possibility of marriage:

"The most important thing in the world is to be each other's best friend."

"Thrive independently of one another. Not necessarily financially—but emotionally."

"Carry on independently while remaining fully supportive of each other in critical times."

Jocelyn & Brian 1. 1. 18

Wedding Planner: Exclusively Events by PG

Photographer/ Videographer: SamShots Photo and Video

Wedding & Reception Venue: Fairmont Hotel Washington DC

Bride’s Gown from: Sareh Nouri

Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Groom’s Tux: Military Dress Blues Marine Corp Officer Uniform

Hair: Hair By Nadia

Makeup: Muse Studios Azin Quill

Wedding Cake: Fairmont

Florist: Toulies Jill Medawar

Entertainment/ Reception Band: Inside Out Band

Ceremony Musicians: Rockville Strings

Photo Booth: The Booth Bar

Invitations: Etsy

Wedding Rings: Adam Keshishian Jewelers

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