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Niki and Rom: Two Become One

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Back in March of 2015, what was anticipated to be a quick date at Jaleo in Bethesda Maryland, turned into a long evening of laughter, endless conversation, and delicious food. Niki and Rom didn't know it at the time, but their love story was just beginning and it would last for two and a half years, leading up to their engagement.

Niki remembers the fond memory of the day Rom proposed. It was the first week of December and her birthday weekend. To her expectation, she was under the assumption that they would be going to a birthday dinner, but Rom had bigger plans in store.

Rom was worrying about the weather and if it would be too cold or dark for pulling off the grand gesture to the woman he loves. However, the day had luck on their side. He took her to the Watergate hotel, where he led her up to the rooftop. The skies were clear and blue with the sun beating down over the Potomac River. It was there that Rom took the risk.

The proposal didn't stop with a question. Niki was surprised with a get-a-away trip to New Orleans. For them, that weekend was one of the best in their lives.

At the beginning of their relationship, Niki was attracted to Rom's genuine nature and caring personality. He provided a wealth of unconditional support that Niki felt drawn to. With Rom by her side, she felt secure that she would never again feel loneliness.

Now that time has passed and her love has only grown more deeply, she also values Rom for his hard-working spirit, and his attention to detail and organization. She jokes that because of their similar taste in style and home decor it made decorating their home a breeze.

For Rom, when he was first getting to know Niki, he fell for her lovely smile and confident personality. He was enamored by her big heart and her willingness to go out of her way in order to help those she cares about.

Now that they are married, Rom also appreciates Niki for her organization both when placed in a professional setting and in her own personality. Rom says that no matter how crazy life turns out, Niki is already on top of things, prepared to take action, and find solutions.

During the wedding, Niki had desired something picturesque. When the big day finally arrived she felt as though everything played out more beautifully than she could have hoped. The weather in July was wonderful and made the ceremony seem magically romantic and utterly flawless.

Rom enjoyed that they were able to hold their ceremony outdoors on such a gorgeous sunny day. He loved that his family and friends were able to come together for the special occasion to celebrate with them.

The theme for the wedding was a mix of rustic styles tied with an elegant composition. The couple chose Stone Tower Winery as their location because it had everything visually that they wanted.

However, like any couple after they tie the knot, the two are now thinking about long-term goals and desires for their marriage.

Ideally, they both would like to get a puppy as an addition to their family. However, Niki teases that their parents might not visit them anymore more if they end up getting one. Thus, for the time being, they settled on having a Hamster.

Niki claims she handles all of the feeding and cleaning but says it's okay because when their hamster gets loose, which is apparently often, Rom is in charge of finding her.

In the end, despite the wedding day or the honeymoon, before the marriage or any of the little details along the way, love is at the forefront of any healthy relationship.

Niki and Rom came together as two individuals sharing one mutual love. Niki believes that those who are planning a wedding and thinking about marriage should consider this...

"Enjoy the process. The day came and was gone in a blink, but I am so happy that I truly enjoyed the wedding planning. It helps a great deal if you stay organized, set a timeline, and pick a style/theme true to who you are as a couple. In the end, just keep in mind what it is all about... the two of you and your commitment to each other. Don't lose sight of that in times that you get stressed with the planning process."

Niki & Rom 7.8.2018

Makeup artist/ Hair Stylist: Shekiba 703-881-6875

DJ: Iman Huschmand

Florist: Fresh Bouquet- Sherry 703-298-8879

Caterer: Premier Catering of Virginia (Reza Monsefan),


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