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Somayeh and Navid: The Playful Pair

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

It was on September 9th, 2016 when two wonderful people would have their first date. Months prior, Somayeh recalls the moment Navid added her on Facebook. She said that neither of them was the type of person to accept friend requests from strangers. They shared quite a few mutual friends which caused her to feel as though they had met before, even if she couldn't recall the time. However, Navid had seen a comment Somayeh placed below a friend's photo and this is where the spark ignited. She kept him waiting four months before responding to the friend request, but from there the friendship grew.

After those initial four months and many conversations later that first official date finally came to the occasion. It all happened one day when Somayeh wanted to blow off some steam by getting a drink after work. She scanned her list of friends to figure out who might be available on short notice. Suddenly, she impulsively invited Navid. Somayeh had in the past postponed their meeting because she wanted to avoid getting involved in any kind of relationship for the moment.

The night of their date, Somayeh ended up running a whole two hours late and at this point her goal was to get in and get out. Navid had waited the whole while for her to show. When Somayeh arrived she thought it would be fun to play a little prank on him and order two things she knew he hated—wine and sushi. The date was at the Summer House in Bethesda MD and although it started off tad shaky, the night made them lose track of time between the smiles, the laughter, and the jokes thrown back-and-forth. Somayeh recalls how playful she was and how well Navid matched her enthusiastically spirited-side.

After Sushi and Wine, Somayeh wanted to continue pushing the limits and invited him to a hookah bar—Clouds, in D.C. The night went so well that to this day, it was the best date either of them can remember. When their engagement came around they even went back to those areas where the date took place to recreate that special moment in their lives where their love story all began.

The love between these two burned quickly. It only took a month before Navid was admitting his heart to Somayeh. She recalls the moment they walked along a street in downtown Alexandria VA after coming from a lovely dinner. They walked along the water when Navid revealed that he was falling in love and it melted Somayeh's heart. She too had been feeling that way, but with how purely he had expressed himself, she fell for him even harder.

Somayeh says that her husband has many fine qualities that she is continually falling for, but the traits that she most loves are his extremely selfless nature, his kind soul, his humor, and his patience.

Navid is enamored with Somayeh's emotional strength. Growing up with few people to lean on and then raising a daughter on her own, takes a great deal of courage and perseverance. For Navid, it is that will-power that he admires in his wife.

Just like any couple, Somayeh and Navid have faced their fair share of struggles while getting to know each other. Relationships often require understanding, tolerance, and appreciation for differences. In their case, the struggle that could have either divided them or made them stronger, was cultural. Somayeh has lived in America since she was just a teenager, but Navid had only been here for three years when he met her. A couple not well suited for each other could have let this difference step between them, but these two were always meant to be, so the struggle that could have parted them, eventually made them stronger as a team.

As a team, they share similar attributes like their determination to accomplish goals and never settling for less. At the same time, they maintain a healthy amount of humor between them as they are always ready to liven up a situation. To their friends, this pair is the essence of a love, that together is both unbreakable and full of spirit.

Somayeh jokes that while she and Navid both aim for gold with their hardworking personalities, their demeanors about how they go about it are less-than-mirrored. She says that Navid has a way about him that is calm and tolerant—making him patient, which in contrast to Somayeh's admittedly short-tempered personality, probably works out best. He can provide some balance and calm to her while she can add a bit of flare to every situation. Together, they are a good mix.

It didn't take them long before the question of a future together was in the works. It was 2017 as winter was nearing an end, but the beginning of something new was just about to blossom. While the trees were bare and the air brisk, for them, February 25th would be filled with warm memories.

Somayeh planned out a large party of eighty guests which included a DJ and delicious food and beverages in honor of Navid's birthday. Unknowingly enough to her, something big was about to happen. During the part of a birthday party when candles are blown out and a wish is made, the music had stopped. The atmosphere transformed as the famous Bruno Mars song, "Just the Way You Are" started to play in the background. It was then that she witnessed the love of her life kneeling to the ground and asking for her hand. The emotions overtook Somayeh placing her in a fit of joyful tears. After saying yes, it was then that Navid blew out the candles. He had received his wish.

During the preparations of the wedding to come, Somayeh took on the role of planning everything herself. Navid was there to provide comfort and feedback, but Somayeh had envisioned for herself a fairytale moment with a picturesque setting. She was passionate to accomplish this dream. She admits that because of her fiery self-drive, she naturally ran into problems every step of the way.

As the late and great John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans."

And other plans life did have for Somayeh...

She said that while she was insistent on everything going according to her plan, that wouldn't always happen. While she couldn't' keep still, Navid was serene and at ease during the whole process. Her stress would overwhelm her to the point where she would occasionally lash out at him. She would on occasion feel as though he didn't care as genuinely as she did about all the details that were going into their big day. However, after some sweet words, he would soothe Somayeh—reminding her that everything would turn out just fine as long as they have love for each other in their hearts.

After the wedding day finally did arrive, Somayeh was more than pleased with the turnout. The whole event had been worth the stress because it was absolutely spectacular. She said she couldn't truly pick a favorite part because all the moments that night from getting ready to the ceremony to the first dance, and so on, had all played out so well. It was just as she wished and Somayeh and Navid were able to have their magical, fairytale-wedding.

The wedding was a fairytale but it wasn't all about the glitz and glam for the happy pair. They wanted Somayeh's daughter to be a big a part of it. As a father figure to her, Navid makes sure she sees how a man should treat a woman through the ways he spoils Somayeh. Navid told his new daughter, that she shouldn't accept any man in her life that treats her less than a princess.

Somayeh even says that her daughter has admitted that she feels Navid treats her mother as a queen and her like a princess. With Navid's kindness and gentlemanly disposition, their daughter will grow up knowing how men are supposed to treat women.

Even though she is young, it is likely she will go on to be incredible. After all, she does have two outstanding role models to grow up admiring.

This love story began not long ago but it is made to last. With childlike enthusiasm, kindness, and passion to hold them together as a couple and as a family, this pair is ready to face anything that might come their way as long as they face it together.

For them, their love is fun and powerful. They want anyone thinking of becoming married to know this...

"Love is all about chemistry. It's all about being happy and enjoying each other's presence. Once you find someone that you are not able to be apart for a split second, then you should know that person completes you."

"Have each other's back and support one another through the good and the rough times."

Somayeh & Navid 6.29.18

Makeup artist/ Hair Stylist: Muse Studios (Azin)

DJ: Dj Taba

Florist: Platinum Weddings and Decor (Geteey)

Caterer: Gala Cuisine


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